Second Growth is a counseling community addressing mental health needs in a compassionate, creative way to impact social change.


our mission

Our mission is to restore personal and communal vibrancy. We do this through a foundation of creative and accessible mental health services to empower individuals, redeem relationships and strengthen communities.

our vision

Our vision is to see our community filled with purpose, passion and compassion where all members are valued and have an opportunity for contribution and connection.

Our Values


We celebrate the dignity, diversity, and value of each person. We foster one another’s uniqueness, strengths, and giftedness.


We join in solidarity with one another. We intentionally nurture an inclusive, sensitive space to be present to the moment and bear witness to heartache and hope.

We work in collaborative partnership with participants in treatment and with all stakeholders for community enrichment.


We prioritize efforts in radical hospitality to bring about access, opportunity and growth, both within our walls and in each extension and outreach into the community.

We believe that healthy connection is healing and transformative. There is value in building, maintaining &? reconciling relationships.


We believe in the inherent giftedness of each person. We strive to cultivate opportunities for the people we engage with to contribute to our community?s wellbeing using their unique skills and passions.


In collaboration with others, we're developing the infrastructure for a relationally-driven counseling clinic that creates social impact through therapeutic experiences. Interested in learning more or joining the emerging team? We're growing! Let's be in touch!


Kelly Grace

LMFT, M.Div, MMFT. Counselor, Learner, Advocate, Speaker, Minister.


The Heeler who heals. Making great progress on her own past trauma and becoming a therapy dog.

Tony Grace

MA, LPC, Certified Thanatologist. Listener, Therapist, Philosopher, Teacher, Equipper.