What you’ve

been through


We help you grow what comes next

Trauma does not have the last word. With a supportive environment, healing, freedom, and peace are possible.
Love, wisdom, and hope can find a way through.

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Who We Are

We’re a counseling community creating social impact through therapeutic experiences.

What We Do

We help people grow their resilience.

We specialize in working through stress, life transitions, anxiety, depression, compassion fatigue, spiritual complexities, grief, trauma, identity development, relationship stressors, fertility-pregnancy-postpartum journeys, and end-of-life emotional support.

We work with individuals, relationships, and workplaces.

Workplace Well-being

We help organizations support the mental health of their staff.

A stronger, healthier workforce begins with a workplace that is actively and genuinely dedicated to the well-being of their team.

Create a Positive Impact

We specialize in support for service organizations, healthcare workers, and those experiencing compassion fatigue.

The Name Second Growth

When there has been a trauma in a forest, such as a wildfire, windstorm or clear-cutting, the landscape can look devastating. Our name references what happens next.

In the aftermath, a persistent layer of new growth sprouts up. Even after catastrophe, everything needed is still there for life to rise. And in time, under supportive conditions, it does.

Our purpose is to nurture this same resiliency that all people have within them. We’re here to bring witness to what people have been through, support connections for growth, and help each of us move towards life.

Our Values


We believe in acknowledging our full stories for wholeness and health, giving witness to both our pain and growth. There is value in recognizing our wounds and limitations, validating our truth, affirming our experiences, adapting with new skills, and working through our connection with others.


We practice and celebrate culturally-affirming approaches to care that value the unique expression of diverse bodies and minds. We confront systemic-level barriers that cause and exacerbate mental health stress and work to leverage access to empowering, life-restoring spaces for our clients and communities.


We stand with one another through challenge and success. We are with and for one another. We nurture an inclusive, sensitive space to be present to one another through our work, services, and advocacy. We take intentional actions together to uplift dignity, access, equity, and freedoms we each need for a healthy life.


We challenge the status quo with innovation, joy, and wonder. Creativity fosters resilience, exploration, problem-solving, expression, and beauty. From our work environments to the extension we have in the community, we use creativity to destigmatize mental health and promote well-being.


We act with the belief that healthy connection together is healing and transformative. It takes an act of bravery to be authentic to one’s self while holding a posture of peace with one’s community in honest and compassionate communication. We honor the truth that each of us brings and shares through our experiences.


We cultivate opportunities for engagement, education, and service for personal, professional, and organizational development that stem from each of our meaningful values.

Our Shared Stance on Transformative Practice and Anti-oppression

Learn more about our ever-evolving posture and journey to nurture personal and societal change that advances social justice practices within mental health.

We Are Hiring!

Second Growth Counseling is actively seeking licensed professional counselors & licensed marriage and family counselors for full-time employment! We also have part-time and full-time position openings for bilingual providers at the licensed and Registered Associate levels.

For eligibility, job description, benefits, and application details, learn more below.

We enthusiastically encourage BIPOC, bilingual (English/Spanish), and LGBTQIA+ providers to apply.