AssoCIAtes program – 2024 Cohort

A supportive, developmental

pathway towards licensure

designed for assoCiates

LAUNCHiNG iN SUmmER of 2024

The Associates Program at Second Growth is a 15-month training journey towards licensure for board-registered mental health associates. It combines clinical supervision, consultation, mentoring, experiential practice, and topical training on over 60 relevant themes to professional practice. Each cohort receives support and guidance from a dedicated clinical and administrative team to nurture high quality client care through healthy and sustainable work practices for clinicians. 

The design of the program is built around the intentional priorities of competency, confidence, contribution, and collaboration. The ability to pace with participants over 15-months through consistent training touchpoints allows for new clinicians to experience supportive navigation through the challenges they face as they grow into the fullness of their therapeutic presence.

– Weekly individual supervision – 
– Weekly training modules on over 60 topics – 
– Monthly group supervision –
– Monthly affirming-accountability check-ins – 
– In-depth documentation training to OHA/Medicaid standards – 
– Bi-annual facilitation of group therapy series – 
– Create and lead psychoeducation presentations – 


We enthusiastically welcome applications from candidates with diverse backgrounds, narratives, perspectives, and experiences who hold a kinship with bilingual, BIPOC, neurodivergent, LGBTQIA2S+, HAES, and inclusive communities.

We invest in co-creating a practice culture together that celebrates the personalized expression of ability, gender, age, sexuality, cultural heritage, and spirituality. 

Second Growth Counseling brings on staff that support and practice inclusive, affirming, and antiracist worldviews. 


Through a supportive learning environment with weekly trainings, curated curriculum, and shared feedback,  clinicians develop core skills & specializations to build the foundations of expertise.


To feel grounded, inspired, and ready to apply one’s skills and wisdom to the therapeutic journey is a humbling and hope-filled process, meant to replace shame, insecurity, and perfectionism.


We believe everyone on our team in every role and stage has meaningful contributions that make a difference to our work and community. We foster creative outlets for those expressions.


Our cohort-style approach to learning centers relationships to promote peer development, reciprocal exchanges of information, and deeper growth through a communal experience.

We know that Associates face unique challenges as they get started in this field. Our team has taken what we’ve learned from both our new and seasoned providers to build a program where Associates gain competence and confidence with opportunities to contribute and experience collaboration. The goals of this program are to deliver a supportive learning environment where clinicians can grow into the therapists they want to be by deepening the application of theoretical orientations into practice, finding clarity to their professional voice, and exploring the richness that their self-of-the-therapist brings to their work.


“Good therapy is as challenging as it is beautiful. Day in and day out, we unpack pain and process fear and sew together the broken pieces of souls, hearts, and trust. We battle with defense mechanisms. We hold tears and fears and everything in between.”

~ Therapy is Awkward: A Collection of Life-Changing Insights for the Modern Clinician



Accepting Applications: May 2024

Interviews: May – June 2024

Onboarding: Begins by July

Official Retreat Kick-off: August 1-2, 2024

Completion Celebration: Nov 2025

Employment Details

Position: Experienced Associate Mental Health Clinician – Cohort Program
Location: 3 options: Hybrid in-person & telehealth / In-person in PDX, inner SE and outer SE / Fully telehealth with availability to be on-site for team gatherings multiple times per year.
Status: Full-time, flat-fee hourly employee (weekly: 20 kept sessions at 23-25 scheduled openings)
Compensation: Expected annual compensation between $67,500 – $75,000, dependent on training, experience, and kept sessions.


  • Enthusiastically align with Second Growth Counseling’s mission, vision, and values with a desire to embody this with client, colleagues, and the community.
  • Master’s Degree in clinical counseling, mental health, marriage and family therapy, art therapy, expressive cultural therapy, or other clinical mental health area accepted for Oregon state licensure.
  • Active, board-registered Associates license (LPC, LCSW, or LMFT tracks) in the State of Oregon. Additional corresponding license in Washington state preferred.
  • 1 year post-graduation experience in providing full-time evidence-based and culturally-specific therapy.
  • Commitment to inclusion, intersectionality, and best practices from ACA Code of Ethics, WPATH Standards of Care, and ACA competencies including Multicultual & Social Justice, ALGBTIC, ASERVIC, and Advocacy to advance quality care with underserved populations.
  • Must be able to pass a criminal background check prior to seeing clients.
  • Able to conduct a minimum of 20 kept client sessions per week with availability for 23-25 scheduled openings. 1-2 evenings (last session by 7pm) or availability on a weekend (4-6 hours). Can be telehealth, in-person, or a hybrid combination.
  • Fluent at the clinical level in the spoken and written English language with preference to those with second language fluency, also at the clinical level.
  • Interest and commitment to develop at least one specialty/niche market for counseling services (i.e., grief, trauma, perinatal, EMDR, etc.) with specialized training.  
  • Prior experience in either a community agency, healthcare facility, or group practice setting.

Employment Benefits

*Associates are considered full-time at 20-kept sessions a week and eligible for full benefits.
(Licensed providers are full-time at 25-kept sessions a week.)

  • 100% covered Employee Health Insurance through MODA’s abundant and accessible network
  • Retirement plan with up to 4% match
  • Malpractice & Liability Insurance
  • Dental Insurance
  • Personalized advancement opportunities for leading groups, trainings, events, partnerships with local organizations, and advocacy efforts
  • Workplace flexibility, including working remotely and/or in-person as well
  • Recurring Team case consultation
  • Administrative, networking, and marketing support
  • Billing specialist to coordinate insurance, benefits, eligibility, payments, and claim submissions
  • Client Care Coordinator specialist to triage inquiries, set-up clients, and manage scheduling.
  • Training and development opportunities for advancing your skillset
  • Flexible work hours and paid time off
  • Additional compensation bonuses shared annually
  • Additional benefits added with company growth

✨this might be a great fit if…

This might be a great fit if you are an experienced Associate clinician looking for a strategic, supportive, structured program that will help you grow your competence and confidence through creative contributions and shared collaboration!

  •  You resonate with Second Growth Counseling’s mission, vision, and values and feel energized by helping others in a team.   
  • You actively hold a social justice orientation, live with dedication to anti-racist, inclusive, and anti-oppressive practices, and are intentionally responsible to the ever-ongoing learning journey of humbling, personal growth.
  • You are able to engage in the mutual exchange of direct and constructive feedback with courage, compassion, and accountability.
  • You desire that take-home feeling of knowing it’s ok to be off and resting, you’ve done meaningful work, and you’ve made a difference in the lives of colleagues, clients, and community members that you’re connected with.
  • You have been practicing for about 1-year as an Associate (LPC, LMFT, LCSW licensure tracks) since graduation and have additional professional goals for your clinical training. 

this is not a great fit if…

  • You are a new graduate or are nearly finished with your degree program and haven’t had about a year of post-grad experience as a board-registered Associate in settings other than solo private practice.
  • You are burnt out on the idea of more learning!
  • You feel neutral rather than excited about our values, mission, and vision for this work together.
  • You prefer to work fully independently and do not thrive with collaborative accountability, communication, and teamwork. 
  • You are focused solely on building a caseload and are uninterested in investing in the local community through events, advocacy, education, digital content, and community partnerships.
  • You actually aren’t looking for or wanting a highly supportive, structured, committed program to learn within as an Associate.


Here’s HOW tO APPLY for our 2024 assoCiates Program:

We recognize that great talent comes in many forms and our team is stronger because of our diverse perspectives, skill sets, and histories. If what we’re doing and who we’re trying to be together resonates strongly with the kind of team you want to contribute with, don’t worry about ‘checking every box’ or meeting every single requirement. We encourage you not to let imposter syndrome creep in to take away an opportunity that could work out in some pretty awesome ways.

If you’re excited about our values and believe you’re a good fit for this role, we encourage you to apply!!
You may be just who we’ve been searching for!

Complete and submit the form using the link below.

While we appreciate a good cover letter, this is not required! Find any way to tell us a little about yourself, what makes you a good fit for this team, your therapeutic approach (posture, theories, clinical orientation), and more details about your specialty niche/corresponding training. We welcome the submission of a brief, informal, intro video (about 3-minutes) to hear you share about yourself in this way.

We reply to every candidate to confirm we received your materials. We are delighted by your follow-through to confirm receipt of your materials, too. We don’t want to miss you! 

Review the following timeline. 

Applications are being accepted through the month of May and are reviewed as they are submitted so candidates are encouraged to apply early. Applications received beginning June 1st 2024 will be considered for the next cohort in 2025. Interviews will be conducted late May-June with hiring decisions completed by June 30th. Onboarding begins in July with first clients seen in August!

We’re with you and for you each step of the way! 

For candidates who advance to the next round in the hiring process, you may receive a detailed questionnaire to complete prior to scheduling an interview. In preparation for your interview, we will also provide you with a significant list of our interview questions. We hope this allows you to feel more comfortable and prepared to share. We also find it a better experience rather than attempting to discern candidates through anxiety or uncertainty in the experience.

For candidates who may not advance, we believe in supporting all those in this field get to the right fit, even if it’s not with us. We’re connected to a wonderful and diverse network of other local practices who each specialize and operate in unique ways. Let’s look at options and make some introductions. We believe we can all benefit – clients, clinicians, and clinics – when we’re able to prioritize community over competition. 

We look forward to a supportive process together!