CanCellation PoliCy: 48-hours notiCe

Our desire is for you to become familiar with this cancellation/no-show policy so you can make the most of your scheduling preferences and have information about your choices.

Scheduling an appointment involves the reservation of time specifically for you. We prioritize holding space for each client with their therapist. When you aren’t at your
appointment and have not provided 48-hours notice, other clients who also need an appointment that week miss out on the opportunity to be seen, too. Please make an effort to contact your therapist directly as soon as you realize you need to change your appointment. Without 48-hours notice, you are responsible for the full-fee of the session and your card on file will be charged. Insurance companies typically do not reimburse for missed sessions.

A pattern of cancellations may lead to a delay or termination of services.

If you find you are running late for your session, the reservation is still yours and we encourage you to continue to come and utilize the connection and value of therapy with the time you have. It is helpful to reach out to your therapist to let them know so that they can adapt to make the best use of your time.

In the event that there are unsafe driving conditions related to weather or if you or a dependent becomes ill, it may be feasible to conduct a phone/video session or schedule a modified check-in. 

The best way to cancel or reschedule an appointment is to email or text your therapist directly. You can also reach out to the practice at the main number (503-549-4714) or by email ( with your therapist copied.

In the event your therapist is unable to make your session, you will be contacted as soon as possible through the communication methods we have on file. You will not be charged for the session.


Additional information can be found on the Fees & Insurance page or in our  list of FAQs (frequently asked questions).

We’ve also created a Quick Guide for services that share helpful information about logistics, access, and contact details: