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*NEW!* 2 Current openings!!


Second Growth Counseling is looking for the next members of our amazing team!

We are hiring for two positions. Please review the material about our practice and click on each link for the full details of each job posting. *Updated 10/19/21



Second Growth is an emerging group practice in Portland, Oregon, creating social impact through therapeutic experiences. Our vision is to see our community filled with purpose, passion, and compassion where all members are valued and have opportunities for contribution and connection. From caseloads to events, workshops to groups, advocacy, and partnerships, our therapists are dedicated to supporting emotional wellbeing, destigmatizing mental health, and facilitating environments for growth. 

We are a playful, hard-working, collaborative team, each with different strengths and specialties. We hire employees who actively develop a social justice lens and are committed to examining how their own biases, training, experiences, privilege, activism, power, history, and leadership style impacts their work. 


We enthusiastically welcome inquiries from candidates with diverse backgrounds, narratives, perspectives, and experiences. We are invested in co-creating a practice culture together that celebrates the personalized expression of ability, gender, age, sexuality, ethnic heritage, and spirituality. Second Growth Counseling brings on employees that support and practice inclusive, affirming, and antiracist worldviews. 




We are a creative, compassionate, and fun group of social-justice-oriented clinicians who work collaboratively to uplift the dignity, health, and wellness of our community. We offer counseling services to individuals, families, relationships, and workplaces while also providing mental health support through groups, community events, organizational support, and partnerships with non-profits. We specialize in working through stress, life transitions, anxiety, depression, compassion fatigue, spiritual complexities, grief, trauma, identity development, relationship stressors, fertility-pregnancy-postpartum journeys, and end-of-life emotional support.



  • RESILIENCY: We believe in acknowledging our full stories for wholeness and health, giving witness to both our pain and growth. There is value in recognizing our wounds and limitations, validating our truth, affirming our experiences, adapting with new skills, and working through our connection with others.
  • SOCIAL JUSTICE: We take intentional actions for social justice and opportunities to uplift dignity, access, equity, and freedoms we each need for a healthy life. We celebrate the diversity and value of each person. We foster one another’s uniqueness, strengths, and giftedness.
  • SOLIDARITY: We stand with one another through challenge and success. We are with and for one another. We co-create an inclusive, responsive space to be present to one another through our work, services, and advocacy.
  • CREATIVITY: We challenge the status quo with innovation, joy, and curiosity. Creativity fosters resilience, exploration, problem-solving, expression, and beauty. From our work environments to the extension we have in the community, we use creativity to de-stigmatize mental health and promote well-being.
  • COURAGE: We act with the belief that healthy connection together is healing and transformative, built with honest, compassionate, and respectful communication. That involves being brave and inviting courage. We honor the truth that each of us brings and shares through our experiences.
  • GROWTH: We cultivate opportunities for engagement, education, and service because we believe in nurturing personal, professional, and organizational development. We support the growth in a client’s journey and within ourselves, in our team, and through our community.


OPEN POSITIONS ~ click each position to learn more

Bilingual Licensed Mental Health Therapist


This clinical therapist will provide English and Spanish services through individual, couples, community psychoeducation, and group therapy. Therapy services include treatment of adults, couples, and families. We are currently looking for licensed providers (LCSW, LMFT, or LPC) with proven training and experience to serve both couples/relationships, as well as adults experiencing anxiety, depression, stress, or trauma. This position is for full-time employee status (25 clinical sessions completed a week) with a compensation range between $50-$65 per clinical hour of practice, dependent on training and experience. Anticipated start date is November/December. We can also work with candidates who are transitioning out of a position while simultaneously building a caseload with Second Growth. 


Veterinary Mental Health Specialist


This therapist will provide dual services through clinical counseling sessions and supportive psychoeducational outreach to the animal welfare community. We are currently looking for licensed providers (LCSW, LMFT, or LPC) with proven training and experience to serve in this hybrid role. This therapist will provide services to adults, families, children, and organizations through individual clinical sessions, community psychoeducational, and group therapy. This clinician will serve adults experiencing anxiety, depression, stress, or trauma, and serve as an educator and community advocate to providers in animal veterinary and shelter medicine. This position is for full-time, employee status with a compensation range between $45-$65 per clinical hour of practice. Anticipated start date is November/December. We can also work with candidates who are transitioning out of a position while simultaneously building a caseload with Second Growth. Candidates must also be excited to pursue certification in veterinary mental health or hold completed credentials in this specialty.



Application Instructions:

Please click on the specific job that you are interested in applying for and follow the instructions provided for each posting. Applications that do not follow the instructions will be unable to be considered. We will confirm we received your materials by email and we invite you to make sure we received your application. However, please no additional calls or emails at this time. Thank you so much for your interest in applying!