PraCtiCe Manager Job AppliCation

No longer accepting applications ~ 2/14/24

We are hiring a full time, experienced practice manager to lead our amazing admin team and support the daily operations of Second Growth Counseling’s services. 

Ideal candidates are looking for a long-term career fit with a workplace that empowers their excitement to help people grow more fully into themselves. We are a great environment for providers who are team-oriented, communicative, and self-reflective with a desire to learn and contribute alongside a team of diverse, supportive, hope-filled clinicians.

We enthusiastically welcome applications from candidates with diverse backgrounds, narratives, perspectives, and experiences who hold a kinship with bilingual, BIPOC, neurodivergent, LGBTQIA2S+, HAES, and inclusive communities.

We invest in co-creating a practice culture together that celebrates the personalized expression of ability, gender, age, sexuality, ethnic heritage, and spirituality. Second Growth Counseling brings on staff that support and practice inclusive, affirming, and antiracist worldviews. 

Position Overview:

Our Practice Manager position is for an administrative luminary that links client care, clinician care, and practice operations together. This position works directly with our Billing Specialist and Client Care Coordinator to ensure an exceptional experience for clients through their therapeutic journey. This is a new, exciting  position  at our clinic and with time, we would like to integrate this role into our leadership team. Duties include supporting staff  with both hope and  accountability, coordinating administrative tasks and timelines, maintaining compliance with mental health-specific regulatory requirements, delivering responsive client care with compassion and education, and innovating with our creative, community-minded team! 

  • This position begins at part-time employee status for onboarding (1-3 months) then grows to full-time at 32.5 hours a week with compensation at $30 per hour for an expected annual range between $48,750-$50,700. 
  • Full-time benefits include 100% covered health insurance, 401k with 4% matching, flexible scheduling and PTO, dental and vision insurance, with professional development  funds for training and skills enhancement. The full list of  benefits is below.  
  • Work is currently remote with in-person experiences available for specific work sessions, staff retreats, and connective meetings.  
  • Hours worked are M-F during daytime business hours with flexibility and preference of scheduling to the candidate.
  • We are highly motivated to hire and are looking to start this position as soon as we find the right person! 


Full benefits available to full-time employees

  • Collaborative, creative, supportive team environment with weekly team meetings for connection, consultation, and information sharing.
  • Competitive and stable hourly compensation, paid every other week through direct deposit, with opportunities for growth within the company.
  • 100% covered Employee Health Insurance through MODA’s abundant and accessible network
  • Retirement plan with up to 4% match
  • Malpractice & Liability Insurance
  • Dental Insurance
  • Administrative teamwork and support including:
  • Billing Specialist to coordinate insurance, benefits, eligibility, payments, claim submissions, and financial reporting.
  • Client Care Coordinator to triage inquiries, set-up clients, manage scheduling, and match clinicians.
  • Professional development funds for training and advancing your skillset
  • Flexible work hours and paid time off
  • Additional compensation bonuses shared annually
  • Additional benefits added with company growth through collective decision-making

Qualifications & Skills

  • Enthusiastically align with Second Growth Counseling’s mission, vision, and values with a desire to embody this with clients, colleagues, and the community.
  • 2+ years experience as a practice manager or similar role, preferably in the mental health field. 
  • Must be able to pass a criminal background check and work in the US. 
  • Available to work during standard daytime business hours M-F in a confidential, remote setting with reliable internet access and your preferred device. 
  • Fluent at the clinical level in the spoken and written English language with preference to those with second language fluency, at a conversational healthcare level.
  • Experience and excitement at leading staff, nurturing accountability, facilitating project management, and working on teams.
  • Leadership skills and familiarity with HR tasks and processes for creating organizational systems, writing policies, and evolving workflows. 
  • Advanced knowledge with Google workspace (docs, sheets, slides, sites) and particular knowledge in spreadsheet design, training material development, scheduling, and project tracking.  
  • Familiar and experienced in working with electronic health records systems, HIPAA compliance and accountability, and integrating new technologies into task systems.
  • Commitment to learning the standards and best practices that align with trauma-informed care, culturally and linguistically specific services, the ACA Code of Ethics, WPATH Standards of Care, and ACA competencies including Multicultural & Social Justice, ALGBTIC, ASERVIC, and Advocacy to advance quality care with populations that healthcare systems have historically marginalized and underserved. 

Preferred but not required: 

  • Prior experience in either a mental health community agency, healthcare facility, or group practice setting.
  • Knowledge with credentialing, insurance paneling, CAQH ProView files, 
  • Bilingual fluency 
  • Working skills in developing and organizing content for community newsletters including writing, graphic design, and online formatting within a presentation platform. 

Duties & Responsibilities  

  • Offer the best of your training, expertise, wisdom, and experience to this role and the collaboration that occurs between clients and colleagues. Model and advocate for trauma-informed engagement, clear boundaries, clarifying knowledge, and compassionate interactions.
  • Ensure smooth and comprehensive functioning of the daily operations of the practice that emphasize client care, customer service, professional standards, and a collaborative work environment.
  • Monitor daily communications and triage mail, voicemails, emails, faxes, and texts, to appropriate avenues for care coordination and follow-through. 
  • Elicit client satisfaction and feedback to develop solution-focused strategies for improvement. 
  • Coordinate office space inventory, supplies, scheduling, and facility requests. 
  • Create and manage the implementation of office policies and procedures, with updates and training to staff. 
  • Manage and maintain client accounts, insurance information, and collect payment according to policies and rates determined by Second Growth Counseling.
  • Initiate strong follow-up with clients, clinicians, community providers, insurance company representatives, and service vendors. 
  • Provide referrals and community resources to clients as appropriate.
  • Utilize phone, computer, fax, scanning, secure texting, and app technologies as appropriate to best practices for delivery of services.
  • Serve alongside, support, and supervise the Client Care Coordinator & Billing Specialist so they are empowered to fulfill their job responsibilities. Support accountability for clinicians to complete timely authorizations, assessments, diagnoses, treatment plans, progress notes, safety plans, and evaluations in the therapeutic journey clients take with Second Growth.
  • Coach, hire, and train administrative team members with training to all staff around administrative duties.
  • Assist with administrative marketing tasks such as the monthly client newsletter, social media, practice-wide emails, recruiting, and networking opportunities.
  • Maintain professional and ethical standards in accordance with ACA Code of Ethics, HIPAA, state law, insurance guidelines, and board requirements.
  • Document at the standard that fulfills Medicaid guidelines and state statutes.

    Professional Skills and Development

    • Examine and apply anti-oppression factors in work with clients, colleagues, systems, policies, and business practices.
    • Exercise self-awareness, communication, and transparency with leadership at Second Growth to support one’s  well-being and sustainability.
    • Abide by all laws, rules, regulations, and codes of ethics that are binding upon or applicable to the services performed for Second Growth Counseling.
    • Demonstrate reliable, consistent attendance to job tasks, meetings, and gatherings with intentional presence and preparation.
    • Respond timely to clients’ referrals, messages, and care coordination.
    • Attend, participate, and contribute to staff meetings and team training.
    • Regularly communicate and collaborate with all clinicians, staff, and leadership at Second Growth Counseling from a posture of cooperation, curiosity, and goodwill.
    • Other duties may be assigned to keep up with industry-regulated standards, practice procedures, and best practices for clinician and client care. 

    Note: This job description is intended to provide the best sense of the general overview we currently have of the responsibilities and qualifications for the Practice Manager position. Being a new position with our team, this overview is not exhaustive and may be subject to change based on the practice’s needs.

    This position may not be the right fit for you if:

    • You’ve never been a practice manager, office manager, or you’ve never worked specifically in mental health. 
    • You feel neutral or un-excited about our values, mission, and vision for this work together.
    • You would dread needing to be adaptable and creative to the ever-changing industry and insurance regulations that small teams must navigate through together in the mental health field. 
    • You prefer to work fully independently and separately, without collaborative accountability and synchronous teamwork.
    • You already know you want to be doing something other than this role within 5 years. It’s ok if this is you! It just means we may not be the right place. Our ideal candidate is looking for a long-term career fit and workplace to invest and grow within where they would identify this role as their vocational sweet spot.

    This position could be a great fit for you if: 

    • You resonate with Second Growth Counseling’s mission, vision, and values.
    • You feel energized by helping others in a team-setting and contributing to the depth, identity, and impact of this practice together.  
    • You actively hold a social justice orientation, live with dedication to anti-racist, inclusive, and anti-oppressive practices, and are engaged in the ever-ongoing learning journey of personal growth.
    • You are self-motivated, driven, and thrive on the ability to apply your creative grit to tough situations.
    • You LOVE spreadsheets, attention to detail, organizational systems, and nerd out at data management.
    • You are able to engage in the mutual exchange of direct and constructive feedback with courage, compassion, and accountability.
    • You’re looking to use your skills, leadership, and expertise to support the development of a small, local, community-minded, employee-valued mental health practice.
    • You want that take-home feeling of knowing it’s ok to be off and resting, you’ve done meaningful work, and you’ve made a difference in the lives of known colleagues, clients, and community members.

    Application Instructions: Update at 2/14/24 ~ No longer accepting additional applications.

    Please apply if you meet the qualifications and are excited about this opportunity!

    Complete and submit the form below.

    While we appreciate a good cover letter, this is not required! Find a way to tell us a little about yourself, what makes you a good fit for this team, your approach with clients & customer care, and anything you’d like to include about your training or experience on the organizational and administrative side that equips you for this role. We welcome the submission of a brief, informal, intro video (about 3-minutes) to hear you share about yourself in this way.

    We reply to every candidate to confirm we received your materials. We are delighted by your follow-through to confirm receipt off your materials, too. We don’t want to miss you! Applications are reviewed as they are submitted.  

    For candidates who advance to the next round in the hiring process, we will conduct a short screening, set up an interview, and check references. In preparation for your interview, we will also provide you with the majority of our interview questions. We hope this allows you to feel more comfortable and prepared to share. We also find it a better experience rather than attempting to discern candidates through anxiety or uncertainty in the experience. 

    In light of how crucial this role is to our team, we also anticipate a working interview at the final stage, to include a sampling of tasks that are critical to this role. This gives everyone an orientation and experience into what is involved and discernment into the fit. This particular interview is financially compensated. 

    We look forward to a supportive process together!