Rahab’s Mental Health Support Team

We are hiring for several positions to join our mental health team with Rahab’s Sisters!

Now, more than ever, mental health services are needed in every area of our community. We are looking for established clinicians desiring to put their skills and passion to use on a purposeful team that comes alongside marginalized, resilient neighbors with our partner, Rahab’s Sisters. While Rahab’s Sisters is run primarily and passionately by volunteers, the therapists on the Mental Health Support are paid a stipend. This action is a unique culture-shift in the industry, which we take seriously with our partners and providers to emphasize the importance of mental health services and to also care for each clinician’s emotional labor. This position is meant to be supplemental to the work of a clinician already practicing, offering the opportunity to use your skills to bring greater mental health access into the non-profit community. While this is work, our team also finds it to be a great gift to serve in this way together.

Please review the job details thoroughly and submit the form below. Please remember to include an informal 60-90 second personalized video where you introduce yourself and describe your interest in the position. We are looking for therapists who are the right fit rather than simply filling the positions quickly.

We enthusiastically welcome inquiries from licensed mental health clinicians with diverse backgrounds, narratives, perspectives, and experiences. We are invested in co-creating a practice culture together that celebrates the personalized expression of ability, gender, age, sexuality, ethnic heritage, and spirituality. Second Growth Counseling brings on therapists that support and practice inclusive, affirming, and antiracist worldviews. 

About Second Growth Counseling

We are a growing group practice focused on creating therapeutic experiences that impact social change. We offer counseling services to individuals, families, and relationships while also providing mental health support through groups, community events, organizational trainings, and partnerships with nonprofits. We are a creative, compassionate, and fun group of clinicians who work collaboratively to uplift the dignity, health, and wellness of our community.

About Rahab’s Sisters

Rahab’s Sisters creates community through radical hospitality with those impacted by poverty, houselessness, sex work, violence and substance use. Services are focused towards anyone who identifies as a woman or gender nonconforming with additional limited support to all participants. Rahab’s Sisters offers stability, connection and acceptance. They believe community is a basic human need essential to well-being, and everyone deserves to feel they belong somewhere. Radical hospitality strives to break down barriers of fear, shame and judgment and create a healing space where individuals feel valued and find solidarity with one another.

Second Growth partners with Rahab’s Sisters to provide mental health support to guests, volunteers, and visitors. Counselors contribute in many different ways through on-site presence, virtual support groups, educational and inspirational infographics, volunteer trainings, guest check-ins, crisis intervention, camp outreach and deliveries, hospital visitation, and special projects (foot clinic, photography shoots, feedback surveys, memorials, and art exhibits).


Applicants must have graduated from a master’s program in a mental health field with training in facilitation for group work. Applicants must be practicing clinicians registered with the state board and licensed or working towards licensure with proper supervision. Prior experience with marginalized, high-risk, or oppressed populations is highly valued.  


Essential Responsibilities: Does this sound awesome to you?!

  • Develop relationships, earn trust, and build rapport with guests, volunteers, and community members.
  • Hold space for emotional processing, story-telling, and meaning-making.
  • Assess group space during therapeutic experiences, community meals, and activities.
  • Initiate grounding, de-escalating, and calming techniques when appropriate.
  • Be comfortable providing mental health services that include rotations with: on-site support, camp outreach, infographic creation & design, psychoeducation group facilitation, virtual group meetings, filming short videos of one’s self on psychoeducation material, calling/texting/emailing guests from our communication platform, volunteer training and debriefing, and being flexible to support needs as they arise.
  • Staying highly communicative in person and through text, email, or digitally with the counseling team about personal capacity, experiences, workload, and questions.
  • Collaborate with counseling team members, volunteers and guests to ensure community mental health needs are being met.


Key Qualities: Does this sound like you?! 

  • Enthusiasm to creatively and compassionately adapt mental health skills to non-clinical, community settings.
  • Capacity to complete documentation and reporting within same-day of services.
  • Communicative and committed to monthly team meetings. 
  • A team-oriented, outgoing, and self-motivated individual with warmth, flexibility, and willingness to co-create wellbeing alongside women and gender non-conforming community members.
  • Energized to work alongside people from a variety of backgrounds with differing perspectives, expectations, and skillsets.
  • Comfort to work independently and as part of a collaborative team.
  • Have or be able to complete training in de-escalation, implicit bias, risk assessment, drug use and paraphernalia, and trauma.
  • Actively learning and practicing equity, justice, and inclusion.  
  • Commitment to prioritize relationships, community-building, and guest autonomy.
  • Demonstrated familiarity or lived experienced with issues of houselessness, mental illness, substance use, poverty, sexual assault, domestic violence, sex work, systemic oppression, and LGBTQIA rights and experiences.
  • Embrace of Rahab’s Sisters’ posture of radical hospitality and Second Growth Counseling’s mission of mental health support.

Additional Details: 

This position is meant to supplement the work of a clinician already practicing. This is a flexible, independent contractor position for one year through consistent monthly investments with self-selected scheduling. Evening and weekend work on rotation is necessary throughout the month by on-site and online presence. This position comes with a financial stipend, paid monthly as a flat rate with earning potential between $400-$850 a month, depending on services provided. Expected time commitment is roughly 10-20 hours a month.

*If you are working towards licensure, we can invite collaboration with supervisors around hours that may contribute towards your credentialing.


There are currently open positions for therapists on the counseling team, to be filled through discernment of the right fit. Candidates who meet requirements, fit our current needs and submit a completed form will be considered for a phone screening or interview and may then be invited into 4 diverse experiences over 4 weeks to learn about Rahab’s Sisters, the community served, mental health activities provided, and shadow the team. A mutual, collaborative decision by the candidate, counseling team, and community will conclude the hiring process.

If you have any issues with this form or submissions, send your info to kelly@SecondGrowth.com. We encourage you to confirm your submission to make sure we received your materials. 

    Duties & Responsibilities:


    • Perform clinical counseling services in English and Spanish when applicable, to clients of Second Growth Counseling, as scheduled, and in accordance with company policies.
    • Provide authorizations, assessments, diagnosis, treatment plans, and evaluation through therapy services.
    • Coordinate care with health providers as needed.
    • Provide referrals and community resources to clients as appropriate.
    • Maintain professional, ethical standards in accordance with ACA Code of Ethics, HIPAA, state law, and licensing requirements.


    • Computer skills to operate as a completely digital practice within our Electronic Health Records system, integrated telehealth platform, and with secure communication strategies.
    • Timely documentation of written records for each client and service including, but not limited to: intake notes, assessments, diagnoses, progress notes, treatment plans, termination notes, contact logs, and other forms or documents which may be needed or required from time-to-time by Second Growth Counseling or third parties. 
    • Practice mandatory reporting, HIPAA-compliant training and standards, update CAQH file, and renew credentialing. 
    • Maintain client files accurately and up to date completely within the Electronic Health Records system.
    • Manage and maintain a full caseload, schedule and coordinate care directly with clients, bill all private pay and copayments.
    • Market and promote their clinical services through social media posts, blog articles, speaking engagements, profile listings, and networking to grow their referral base and recognition in the community. 
    • Utilize phone, computer, fax, scanning, secure texting, and app technologies as appropriate to best practices for clinical care, customer services, and professional standards. 

    Professional Skills and Development

    • Maintain licensure and abide by all laws, rules, regulations, and codes of ethics that are binding upon or applicable to the services performed for Second Growth Counseling.
    • Respond timely to clients’ referrals, messages, and care coordination. 
    • Attend, participate, and rotate leading staff meetings and team trainings.
    • Complete continued education as required to maintain licensure. 
    • Examine and apply anti-oppression factors in clinical work.
    • Other duties as may be assigned.

    This position may not be the right fit for you if:

    • You are yet able to speak and write in Spanish at a clinical competency level.
    • You are not yet licensed in the state of Oregon as an LPC, LCSW or LMFT.
    • You do not feel enthusiastic about our values, mission, and vision for this work together.
    • You desire to only build a caseload and do not experience excitement at investing in the local community through events, advocacy, education, digital content, and community partnerships.
    • You would prefer to work alone and separately, without collaborative accountability and teamwork. 
    • Your career goals are ultimately to run your own practice. It’s ok if this is you! It just means we are not the right place. Our efforts are aligned to invest in our teams and provide growth opportunities within Second Growth. Our ideal candidate is looking for a long-term career fit and workplace to invest and grow within. 

    This position could be a great fit for you if: 

    • You are aligned with Second Growth Counseling’s mission, vision, and values.
    • You feel energized by helping others in a team and contributing to the growth of Second Growth Counseling.
    • You already hold a social justice orientation, practice anti-racism work, and are engaged in the ever-ongoing learning journey of humbling, personal growth.
    • You are self-motivated, driven, and thrive on the ability to apply your grit to situations.
    • You are able to engage with direct and constructive feedback.
    • You are looking for the opportunity to be involved in something bigger than yourself to make a difference in the lives of colleagues, clients, and community members.

      Application Instructions:

      Please apply if you meet the qualifications and are excited about this opportunity! 

      Complete the form below. Include an informal 60-90 second personalized video where you introduce yourself and describe your interest in the position. Please tell us about yourself, what makes you a good fit for this team, and more details about your training.

      We reply to every candidate. We will confirm we received your materials by email. We welcome your follow-through to confirm receipt of your materials. Please no additional calls or emails at this time. Applications that do not follow the instructions (resume and either cover letter or video) will not be considered.