MarCia Fornataro, Billing SpeCialist

I am so excited to be a part of the Second Growth community, working behind the scenes to guarantee everyone has a smooth time through insurance and billing after their care with our clinicians.  With
enthusiasm, professionalism and care, I hope to build strong relationships with clients and help support the mission of our team.

I am currently a student of Social Work at Portland State University, continuing my education as I move into the field of mental health and therapy.  I am a determined, empathetic and ambitious helper with a belief that therapy can be an important tool when seeking a healing, non-judgmental space to reconnect with our own strengths.  I believe that therapy should be inclusive, accessible, culturally responsive and hope that is what our community can find here at Second Growth.

When I am not working, I enjoy spending much time outside,
specifically hiking, paddleboarding and camping.  I love to take
photographs of nature and read both for my education and pleasure.  I
also have a history in baking and pastry, so I enjoy creating (and
eating) tasty, sweet treats.


“Nothing we accomplish in life is totally free of the influence of
spirit and community.  We do nothing alone.” 

– Tricia Hersey, Rest is Resistance: A Manifesto

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