We see each situation as unique and believe in personalizing care.

We want to hear your story, validate your concerns and support your goals.
Discuss your needs and a therapist can help discern what can be helpful, creative and therapeutic within clinical standards.

Here’s how we can help:


Process life experiences with unconditional, supportive presence.

We are with you and we are for you.
This is your personal opportunity to invest in your wellbeing.
Each of our therapists have specific, specialized training and tailor their approach to address your goals.
We believe in affirming your strengths, drawing out skills, acknowledging barriers and moving towards breakthrough.
We’ll work with you on what you want to see change, at your pace.

For minors under 14, we ask for signed consent from all parents/legal guardians.

We do not prescribe nor provide medication management. We can provide referrals and collaborate for continuity of care.


Enrich your relationships to foster communication and connection.

Being in a relationship is rewarding and trying.
When you each care about making the relationship work but you need help in figuring out how, that’s a great time to seek out therapy.
Using research and directive interventions, our counselors will invite you into opportunities to practice healthier patterns, address lingering hurt and find a new way forward.
We’ll facilitate sessions to practice skills that enhance the relationship through greater self-awareness, empathic dialogue, support in your own differentiation, and emotional regulation while working on couple-connecting strategies.


Gain support for family dynamics through life transitions.

Sessions support your family with practical strategies and experiences for creating understanding and unity.
We build on your strengths and address communication barriers.
Every member matters and we work towards healthier functioning together.
Our focus is to provide mental health support.
We do not conduct parental/placement evaluations.


Sharing space to work through challenges with the solidarity of others.


In light of COVID-19 precautions, all in-person groups are currently suspended and will resume when it is safe for all in our community to gather together again!

Friday Circle
A free weekly support group in partnership with Rahab’s Sisters, off SE 82nd Avenue at St. Peter’s & Paul’s Episcopal Church. Tailored for participants of Rahab’s Sisters, this opportunity offers radical hospitality, peace, hope and encouragement without judgement as guests reflect on their experiences with trauma, grief, poverty, sexual exploitation, discrimination, substance use, and suffering. Friday Circle aims to build resiliency, foster a greater sense of self-worth, and provide peer-to-peer support. While this is not group therapy, it is facilitated by professional counselors.
Schedule: To tentatively resume with COVID precautions in May 2021. Rahab’s Sisters then takes place 7pm-9pm.

Baby & Me
Connection, Compassion and Care for 2.
A donation-based, relaxing and rejuvenating gathering for new parents and their babies under 1.
Attachment-focused tummy-time and sensory touch for baby with support and tea available for the parent. Guest speaker rotation includes infant mental health counselor, pelvic floor physical therapist. pediatric chiropractor, perinatal mental health therapist and parents experienced with multiples, special needs, and stress.

Dad’s Support Group
Designed for men in a fathering role with kids 0-5.
Strategies & tools for positive parenting, managing stress & navigating relationships.
Bring the kids! A portion of the time includes an activity that nurtures engagement with them.
Childcare Provided.

Compassion Fatigue Support
A trauma-informed support group for compassion fatigue among helping professionals in Veterinary & Animal Services.
The group works through awareness building, identifying personal symptoms, and developing care plans for recovery and resiliency.
Participation in this group requires an initial individual assessment.


Therapeutic experiences that create social impact in creative, sensitive, and accessible ways.

We have suspended all on-site events and are committed to re-establishing events and opportunities when it is safe for all in our community to do so. We are excited to plan for the future with educational workshops, therapy animal visits, our Community Pet Parade, Depressed Cake Shop, Lents Fair, and advocacy gatherings!

We make mental health information relevant and personalized for groups, organizations and situations.

Mental health support is an asset to any size, sector, and budget.
It provides healthy avenues to address symptoms that are barriers to productivity and enhances community culture and collaboration.
Whether you need an organizational assessment, training workshop, or event speaker, let’s talk about next steps together.
We love to get creative & customized – even over Zoom!