We want to honor

Your Story

Personalized Care

We want to honor your story, validate your concerns and support your goals. Discuss your needs and a therapist can help discern what can be helpful, creative, and therapeutic. You’ll co-create a plan together with specialized support tailored to care for what you’re going through.

Individual Counseling


Workplace Well-being

Community Events


Educational Trainings & Speaking

Individual Counseling

In individual counseling, you can process life experiences with the unconditional, supportive presence of one of our counselors. We are with you and we are for you.

This is your personal opportunity to invest in your wellbeing.
Each of our therapists have specific, specialized training and tailor their approach to address your goals.

We believe in affirming your strengths, drawing out skills, acknowledging barriers, and moving towards breakthrough.

We’ll work with you on what you want to see change, at your pace. Check out more details for becoming a new client and be sure to review our fees and insurance.

Couples & Relationship Counseling

We help relationships navigate conflict, develop better communication, and experience more authentic connection.

Using research and interventions, our specialized relationship counselors will invite you into opportunities that practice healthier patterns, address lingering hurt, and take steps that trailblaze a new way forward.

We’ll facilitate sessions to practice skills that bring about greater self-awareness, empathic dialogue, support in your own differentiation, and emotion-focused communication strategies.

We take a trauma-informed, strengths-based, directive approach. We’re not here to take sides, give advice, solve a fight, or referee. We’re here to help you learn how to do the work that healthy relationships invite partners into.

Whether you are looking to grow deeper together, gain clarity on what direction your paths may lead, or create an ending that allows you both closure, our therapists are here to help you engage in a process that sets you up to honor your voice and understand one another.

Check out more details for becoming a new client and be sure to review our fees and insurance.

Workplace Well-being

We help organizations support the mental health of their staff.

A stronger, healthier workforce begins with a workplace actively and genuinely dedicated to the well-being of staff. Investing in mental health through education, systemic change, and trauma-informed care principles creates positive impact on organizations, teams, customer care, and service delivery.


We facilitate groups that co-create space to work through challenges alongside the solidarity of others.

Our groups are temporarily on hiatus. We plan to launch our next season of groups in 2024 with a collection of offerings. More details to come! Our on-site and virtual groups for organizations and non-profits still continue.

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Community Events

Our therapeutic experiences create social impact in creative and accessible ways.

Contact us about an event or experience we could support you with. We’d love to chat.

While a number of our events will resume again when it is safer for all in our community to do so, we are excited to plan for the future and resume educational workshops, therapy animal visits, advocacy gatherings, our Community Pet Parade, participation with Depressed Cake Shop, Neighborhood Fairs, and our collective mental health networking events!

Educational Trainings & Speaking

We make mental health information relevant and personalized for groups, organizations and situations.

Mental health support is an asset to any size, sector and budget. It provides healthy avenues to address symptoms that are barriers to productivity and enhances community culture and collaboration.

Whether you need an organizational assessment, training workshop or event speaker, let’s talk about next steps together.

We love to get creative & customized – even over Zoom!