Arianna Sweeney, Client Care Coordinator

I am elated to join the team here at Second Growth Counseling! It is a true honor to be one of your first points of contact as you take the incredible, life changing step of seeking out support in your life’s journey. This process can feel big and intimidating, but it is such a deeply worthy endeavor. Taking care of ourselves is first step in taking care of our fellow man and this world at large. Human beings are not meant to travel through life’s hardest moments alone!

In my private life I am Mother to an Autistic 6 year old who happens to be the coolest person I’ve ever known, and I spend a lot of my life just soaking him in. I’m passionate about gardening and being a good steward of the land. I recently lost my beautiful mother, and have been immersed in learning about cooking Puerto Rican and Caribbean cuisine to keep her memory close. I am a firm believer that you measure garlic with your heart! The rest of the time I can be found outside experiencing all that the gorgeous, misty, PNW has to offer.

I am a feminist, anti-racist, fat-positive, (fledgeling, but staunch) social justice advocate who hopes to grow and evolve in my allyship every day. I will always be listening to deferring to those with lived experience as my north star. I am a staunch champion of the neurodiverse population and want to work to make this an accessible and awesome world for all types of brains.

My goal in my position is to make sure you are received with warmth and an open heart and mind. I hope that you feel empowered with the information and resources you need to find the support you are so boldly seeking out. If you feel unsure about something, I hope you will reach out to myself or anyone on the Second Growth Team and allow us to help guide you on your new path. I look forward to meeting you and helping you get started!


“I am not free while any other woman is unfree, even when her shackles are very different from my own”

– Audre Lorde

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